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Ask Me Anything!

I've created a questions page! AMA! This is inspired by Bill Wurtz and partly to replace my old contact page.

Bill Wurtz has this amazing questions page. I absolutely adore it, checking every single answer posted there, nearly every day. Now, I love Bill Wurtz. I love his aesthetic, I love his approach to life and I love his ethos. But I swear I would not love him nearly as much if not for this questions page. We see plenty of his opinions and personality in everything he does. But nothing feels quite as close as his oft-updated questions page. Why? One thing is that everyone has a chance to reach out to him. Think about it - how often do you get the chance to ask your idol anything and have the answer posted for the world to see? I've asked Bill many questions and the few he's answered have felt so amazing! But I browsed the questions page incessantly even before I started asking questions. Why did I love it so much then? Because you can feel this feeling that I experienced when asking, in every asker's tone, and in each of Bill's responses. Each is like a little glimmer, a little light into Bill's personality that he didn't choose or broadcast, it was asked!

Anyway, I think it's magical and I wanted it for myself. So go ahead and ask me a question!