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Pale White Dot - New Game

I recently released my newest game Pale White Dot. It's a web-based incremental game set in the solar system. You start as Earth’s moon, known as Luna. You can accumulate resources and build an army to take over the solar system. Go ahead and play it!

I made Pale White Dot for Ludum Dare (A Small World) and decided to continue to work on it. I think it's come a long way, considering that it was one of the LDs I got the lowest rating on. I think it's a testament to how continued work can make a game work better. I added AI, more images, more feedback all around, fixed some pretty bad bugs, and balanced it way more. Now it's quite a relaxing / entrancing game that really satisfies my hoarder instinct!

I'm going to work on it a little bit more still, as I want to add a few more graphics I still haven't gotten to and balance it a little more, but it's nearly done and it's certainly release-ready.