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Dash and the Indigo Engine

What Giant Squid says is true. There's a new game coming out very soon, and it's called Dash. Here's the rundown of what it's like.

Dash is a quick replay game. It's the kind of game that has limited story, but infinite fun value. Ever played temple run? The kind of game that's always the same, but always fun. Dash is a game about starting in the center, and working your way out, in whatever direction you can. When you start the round, that may seem easy enough: You're simply standing on a platform made of colored blocks. Oh, and here's a doozy for Cosine Gaming: It's a 3D platform. And you can move the mouse. To look around. (Ahem, I'm speaking to you, Circle Wars, with your bloody attacks against the mouse pointer!) But as you step onto one of those colored blocks, all the other blocks of the same color move up, preventing you from walking on them. As you continue, more of those colors pop up, until you've hit every color. It's at this point that they all go down again. This cycle ... (Read full post)


So Cosine is working on a new puzzle game that involves escaping from a prison of cubes. You will soon be able to access it on this website. In the meantime enjoy the current games available.

Our New Game

So here at Cosine Gaming we strive to create the best games, Even if that means completely changing how we make the game. We have currently decided to begin working on a new game with an undecided name. We will be using the Unreal Development Kit to create a sci-fi shooter game. Cosine has taken the lead in using UDK because she has the most powerful computer. It will be a first person shooter with lots of awesome weapons and game play mechanics. You should keep up to date with this blog to hear the latest news on the Beta Projects site.

I'd like to test this new PHP system I put in for Blogging

I developed a PHP system to allow members of Cosine Gaming to easily blog without having to interface with anything high-tech. (GiantSquid, be sure to ask me for the password and you can start blogging away!) I really need to get some serious blog content because the text content on this site is pretty severely lacking. It's just games. I hope you guys enjoy this blog and without further ado, I'll click this create button and hope it works!

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