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Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms is out finally! Sadly, it is only for European countries. MInecraft Realms costs 13 dollars a month, and will allow players to invite other players to servers. Minecraft Realms is still in Beta and will be released worldwide later this year.

Bioshock 1 -- Spoilers Hidden

I just beat Bioshock! It was amazing. I loved everything, between the gameplay, the level design, the sound, the graphics (old, I know, but clever), and most of all, the story. It's so well planned, with every detail laid out, whether it's the clever names of ADAM and EVE, or the crossing in the face of Mr. Bubbles. The shocking and clever storyline has a lot of twists, and left my with my mouth open the whole time -- possibly because I was reciting "Oh, f**k" cyclically. The level design is great -- dark, and really, really, scary. Also, though, it gave a feeling of openness. That if I turned left here, that would be another path, but instead I turned right, when in fact the left path was blocked off anyway. The look of colorful water just outside was tantalizing. I loved all the themes of libertarianism -- it got me thinking about my beliefs. It mostly supported ... (Read full post)

Windows 8

I often say, "That's a topic for another day." Well, it's time for today to be another day, and I want to cover a topic that's been on my mind for a while, that's pretty controversial. So here go my odd opinions.

I like Microsoft. (I also like Apple, Windows happens to be more suited to my needs... A topic for another day?) I also, and here's the bombshell, like their newest release of Windows, Windows 8. (Ok, Windows 8.1. Same thing.) I like it better than Windows 7. (Disclaimer: This is on a PC with a Mouse, not a Trackpad. I'm not sure how it is for Trackpads. Or a Trackpoint Style Pointer.) First of all, Windows 8 has all of Windows 7 within it. So right there is proof that it's better: it's just the older version plus more. And besides, the "more" is some great stuff. Windows 8 heavily relies on the mouse for obvious reasons, and it's really quite fun to use. You swish up to log in, ... (Read full post)

Dash release, Microsoft, and Development Process

So I've released Dash today. I apologize for being wrong about when I talked about the release date, but I got so caught up in making it perfect (Gosh, I'm sounding like Valve!) It's out now, though, and I encourage (pronounced en cur aw ge) you to try it out! If you haven't seen it yet, you can download it. It's only for Windows RIGHT now, but it is very soon going to be for Mac, too. All I need is to get my hands on a Mac computer, run one application, upload, and Shazam. It's quite fun. If you haven't been keeping track, it's a puzzle / action game about cubes (though I wouldn't say it's voxel-based). It's built in the Indigo Engine, which is coming along, and I'm very excited about. I might be talking about Code Indigo and the Indigo Engine a lot more now that I'm not distracted by Dash.

Now I want to mention something I'm very angry at Microsoft for. I'm normally pretty much a devotee of Microsoft, and I like what ... (Read full post)

NSA Surveillance, File Sharing, and Privacy

It's time for me to write something a little political for a change, but still technological. It's a lot of topics, so let's take this step by step.

We all know about the NSA, and what they've been doing to violate our privacy. On February 11th, Cosine Gaming will be rising up against that, with the Day we Fight Back. The Day we Fight Back is a movement organizing people to fight back against this surveillance. I recommend you participate yourself. I'm not going to say too much about the morals of this surveillance, since it's all been said before.

Onward to something that's been around for a while, but is definitely related. File Sharing, known by some as Media Piracy, and the legislation surrounding that, has been a big debate for a long time for many people. In fact, I'm currently participating in a debate about it. So this might be a little bit of practice for that. Anyway, I'm first going to start with the things that have already been ... (Read full post)